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I’m a social scientist with 20 years of research experience in health, education, and social sciences, with advanced postgraduate training in survey methods and data analysis. I operate from Barcelona but extend my research services internationally. My expertise lies in providing remote research assistance to organizations, especially in survey design and programming, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

I can help you with:

Here's what I can bring to your project:

➡️ Expert in survey research and statistical analysis with contributions to peer-reviewed academic journals.

➡️ Strong command of IBM SPSS, Advanced Excel, Jamovi, Infogram, PowerPoint, and NVivo.

➡️ Proficient in Qualtrics, Alchemer, SurveyMonkey, and other online survey platforms, using advanced features to maximise data quality.

➡️ Expert in analyzing textual data from open-ended survey questions.

🎯 My client portfolio includes universities, health authorities, government departments, and national non-profit organizations across Canada, the US, and Europe.

Please get in touch to find out how I can help with your survey design and analysis.

Flexible Approach

I understand the importance of adaptability. Whether you require occasional support or ongoing collaboration, I’m committed to meeting your needs within your budget and timeline.

Data Analysis Expertise

My specialization lies in qualitative and quantitative analysis:

  • Quantitative Analysis: Proficient in SPSS and Excel for data preparation, cleaning, and statistical analysis.
  • Qualitative Analysis: Skilled in thematic analysis, grounded theory, and content analysis, utilizing NVivo and Excel for coding and interpretation.

Expertise in Statistical Analysis

My proficiency in statistical analysis spans a wide array of techniques and tools, ensuring robust and insightful data exploration. From data preparation and cleaning to the application of descriptive and inferential statistics, I utilize industry-standard software such as SPSS and Excel to uncover meaningful patterns and relationships within your data. My approach is rooted in methodological rigor and tailored to your specific research objectives.

SPSS Statistical Analysis

Services Offered

  • Data Preparation and Cleaning: I meticulously prepare and cleanse your data, ensuring accuracy and consistency for subsequent analysis.
  • Frequencies and Cross-Tabulations: I conduct thorough frequency analyses and cross-tabulations, providing valuable insights into the distribution and relationships among variables.
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics: Leveraging SPSS and Excel, I perform descriptive statistics to summarize and interpret your data, as well as inferential statistics to draw meaningful conclusions and make informed decisions.
  • Secondary Analysis of Existing Data: I specialize in the secondary analysis of existing data, whether sourced from surveys, systems data, or databases. By extracting new insights from previously collected data, I help maximize the value of your existing resources.

Data Visualisation

In addition to analysis, I offer data visualization services to present your quantitative and qualitative findings effectively, leveraging Excel and other tools to create professional charts, tables and infographics.

Expertise in Qualitative Analysis

My proficiency in qualitative analysis encompasses a diverse range of methodologies and techniques, allowing for nuanced exploration and interpretation of qualitative data. With expertise in thematic analysis, content analysis, grounded theory/constant comparison method, and the framework method, I employ a rigorous and systematic approach to uncovering rich insights from your qualitative data.

NVivo coding qualitative data

Services Offered

  • Thematic Analysis: I identify and analyze themes within your qualitative data, providing insight into patterns and meanings that underpin participant experiences and perspectives.
  • Content Analysis: I systematically categorize and analyze textual data to identify key themes, concepts, and patterns, shedding light on the underlying structures and dynamics within your data.
  • Grounded Theory/Constant Comparison Method: I develop theories or conceptual frameworks grounded in your data through iterative comparison and analysis, facilitating deeper understanding and discovery of emergent themes.
  • Framework Method: I organize and interpret qualitative data using a structured framework or matrix, allowing for systematic analysis and comparison across different data sources and themes.
  • Coding and Analysis of Free Text Responses: I excel in coding and analyzing free-text responses from open-ended survey questions, providing structured coding frames, frequency analysis, thematic analysis, and insightful interpretation of participant feedback.
  • NVivo for coding, developing themes, running coding comparison queries, and data visualisation (e.g. word maps, hierarchy charts, concept maps).